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If you’re interested in liveblogging two posts I’ve written this week add further detail to the ideas introduced on page 81: The strikes and the rise of the liveblog shows how widely the form was being used to cover the UK public sector strikes – not just in print and broadcast news organisations, but political blogs, student media and campaigning sites. It also contains the following diagram to help aid thinking around where liveblogs might add value to networked coverage:

Liveblogging: adding value to the network

Liveblogging: adding value to the network

A further post giving 31 tips for liveblogging, and 10 liveblogging ideas provides more specific guidance on the types of subject you might use a liveblog to cover, and considerations for each.


Over at the Online Journalism Blog I’ve posted an extra section on basic principles in customising a blog. The post covers the 3 main languages used in blogs – CSS, HTML and PHP – how those work together, and how to edit CSS to change the appearance of a blog.

It also links to specific resources on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Posterous.

Twitter have now launched a resource centre for newsrooms at